tobio “totally smooth” kageyama kisses what is probably a very unclean volleyball every time he serves to hinata until he inevitably gets smacked in the face, pass it on

(link to this a single image)

rip in pieces hugbeam


greatest weakness:

  • any group of flawed but lovable misfits who make a family with each other

i teared up when i saw that kokuyo gang pic im trash

THA T PIC SO FAMILY I LOve it i lov chikusas highwater pants and print hat and chromes carryin a little package she looks so cute and baby fran!!!!! leave me. leave me to die. i feel so bad for ken. why is chikusa so stylish. why is mukuro bowling. why is mukuro such a nerd.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Colorspread Project
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Colorspread Project

i got a sore on my lip from kissin a puppy. this world is too cruel

im laughing so hard nozaki kun manga is a treasure

i have literally already thought abt fedora reborn and m’fia and stuff its the actual worst. reborn spouting memes as argument closers. “cool story bro” reborn says to tsuna. tsuna cringes. there was never a story (let alone a cool one) and xe doesnt feel particularly bro today.

adult reborn is attractive thats so fked up im so mad. that makes me so mad.

Why not fall in love?


I got shit to do

i have been saying femme kinjou from day one why arent more people on board why do ppl keep sayin kinjou is the token sohoku cis
t h e r e i s n o c i s h e r e


one of those ‘draw a character in your ootd’ things

i got bored with the idea p fast so its not v polished but who caaares

trans kinjou because i said so thats why


Do you feel something like princess,senpai?