look at this big ass corn

we’re in baños!!!

narukos lil siblings debunked by tumblr user meowgon

anime more like it is summer i do not Care


Naruko and his little brothers tho

this one otome game is so fcked up bc it lets u do different routes and i picked the short kid first and then did everyone elses

but the short kid kept showing up in ALL THE OTHER ROUTES and saying stuff like “aw i wanted to sit next to you” etc etc and i was like Oi. and the worst part is that i actually liked the short kid the most rip

in ecuador its normal to mouth kiss ur parents/siblings and close relatives??

i feel like this is why i feel the need to platonic mouth kiss my friends. bc i Care for them

im imagining eve growin up from fresh to senior and its so gross i lov it bc like. eve used to be gangly and had short hair and wore cargo pants and band tshirts

but now shes even ganglier and has hair that needs to be braided for safety at matches and wears mom jeans and granny skirts and flip flops with big appliqué sunflowers on them

the kid w the braces and gross ponytail is named carlyle which is an awful and perfect name.

seniors: evangeline is a rough and tough trans girl. jin is cis. they want to smooch each other and hold gross sweaty hands but there are. misunderstandings.

juniors: val is a cool trans girl and harue is agender??? genderhell. genderf*ck. santiag@ is omnigender yeah yeah.

sophomores: the small froggy kid w altar in their locker is gendervoid.

freshers: the kid w the braces and messy ponytail is nb femme? possibly bigender. possibly about to start a fight. they like the soft round kid with the smiley eyes! smiley eyes is transfemme oi oooo

*looks at transbikes queue* Nice. hell yea

i downloaded like a billion otome games from the app store lmao B~)

Tuesday October 1st, 2013: Nelson Poblete: Palabras de papel

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a little too late for ufo day oops. this is an oc im working on who really likes aliens