ppl like ? making weird flirty sexual comments is so gross to me irl like my mom was watching the voice and one of the judges said something to a contestant abt how yummy they looked or smth and i was just sooo grossed out + uncomfortable

ok im giving up at the 19/48 mark hopefully i dont get in much trouble lmao„, some highlights of the analogous color harmony file!!! ok now its time for bed

fat trans teen avoids homework, more news at eleven

fat trans teen avoids homework, more news at eleven

my complementary color schemes are just eight variations of beautiful deep indigo and piss yellow

had art history in the nat’l gallerys storage room/archives so i took pics of art by artists i dont care abt


Kuragehime Vol.14


ofc banksy didn’t get arrested lol that’s the whole point of him… he’s some white guy practicing an art Black and Latino men get penalized for producing by making shallow critiques of capitalism and getting away with it and “elevating” it lol

woo i love u all!! goodnight be safe 👏👏👏

tfw u wanna do cute meme but u cant remember anyonE

im so quick to cry when i think abt ppl bein nice and friends and the good folks ive met on tumbl 👏👏

i feel so yucky but i am surrounded by so many good people and u all make me feel less yucky so thank u

i can sleep in til 7:15 tomorrow!!!!
♪( ´O`)ノ


do people who are against self diagnosis realize how many ableist parents there are who won’t accept the fact that their child is mentally ill and refuse to get them diagnosed or get them any help for their disability