ok i gotta sleep early so goodnight. be safe, ilu 🌿

is it acceptable to go to the hospital in pjs knowing that ull be discharged at noon

last meal before surgery 😋

lov when i unplug my laptop it just. lowers the contrast of everything for no good reason

"mom i dont wanna go to the hospital" "dont start"

transfemme tanaka w ore pronouns

my surgery is tomorrow at like five am im just gonna go in my pjs i dont care i rly dont care

i can draw my kids rn i cant i keep gettig so so embarrassed i. cant draw my middle school otp rip hugbeam



kamikorosu replied to your post: is it rly gokutsuna day. is it rly



im laughing at that gifset so i dont cry but im rly just laughing and crying at the same time this is hell

H(EARTBREAKING)APPY 5927 DAY! (09.14.2014)

Happy 5927day everyone! We’re really happy to be celebrating this ocation with this blog for the first time and we hope there are many more to come!

ryohei and yamamoto r so pretty *-*

Khr ! - MBTI types based off this


Sakamichi No Apollon by YUKI KODAMA. (2007)